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Country data on Forest Biomass reported to FAO

CountryYearBiomass SourceMin Tree Diameter (cm) breast heightLimitationsNotes
AfricaAngolaTier:11988Growing stock10No data for dead wood.1988 source used for natural forests and is based on satellite imagery
AmericaAnguillaTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AmericaAntigua and BarbudaTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AmericaArubaTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AmericaBahamasTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AsiaBangladeshTier:12009, 2011Carbon Inventory5Carbon inventory only includes mangroves and 6 protected areas.Data from carbon inventory.
AmericaBarbadosTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AmericaBelizeTier:11998Carbon Inventoryn/aNo data for dead wood.Biomass number taken directly from Carbon Inventory report.
AfricaBeninTier:12007Growing stock10n/aData from forest inventory.
AsiaBhutanTier:11981Growing stock5n/aData from pre-invest survey of forest resources.
AmericaBoliviaTier:11999, 2000Growing stock20No data available for Yungas and Tucuman regions. These were estimated using averages. Data from forest inventory.
AfricaBotswanaTier:11986Woody biomass stockn/aAssumed that 'woody biomass' is forest and other wooded land.Data from biomass assessment.
AmericaBrazilTier:21991-2011Biomass stock per biome>10 (Atlantic Forest, Pampa, Amazon); >5 (Cerrado); >1.5 (Caatinga)n/a24 biomass sources listed.
AmericaBritish Virgin IslandsTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AsiaBruneiTier:11982Growing stockn/a, 20-30 for top end of stem1982 Inventory only surveyed Mixed Dipterocarp and Peat Swamp Forests, which is the majority of forests in Brunei. only estimated net industrial stem wood volume of grade 1 and 2 trees.Data from a forest resources strategic planning study. Default IPCC values were used in calculations.
AfricaBurkina FasoTier:11980, 1987Growing stock7.5-40No data for dead wood.Data from forest inventory. BCEF is different than recommended FAO guidelines based on local expert opinion. New inventory expected in 2014 will have better results for the next FRA update.
AfricaBurundiTier:11994, 1997Growing stockn/aNo data for dead wood.Data from forest department report.
AsiaCambodiaTier:1UnknownGrowing stockn/an/aData taken from an "old FAO inventory" and includes evergreen, mixed and deciduous forest. Default IPCC values were used in calculations.
AfricaCameroonTier:12003, 2004Biomass stock10No data for dead wood.Data from forest inventory.
AmericaCayman IslandsTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AfricaCentral African RepublicTier:11996, 1997, 2008Growing stock35No data for dead wood. Data from three regional inventories, only partial inventories are available.
AfricaChadTier:11988, 2003Growing stock5No data for dead wood.Data from forest inventory.
AmericaColombiaTier:11990-2011Carbon inventoryn/an/aData from biomass estimates inventory.
AmericaCosta RicaTier:32001, 2014Growing stock10n/aData from forest inventories.
AfricaCote d'IvoireTier:11998Biomass stockn/an/aData from "FORAFRI Series" which estimates t biomass/ha.
AmericaCubaTier:21986-1995; 2000-2010Growing stock6n/aData from forestry economics report.
AfricaDemocratic Republic of the CongoTier:11999Growing stock10No data for dead wood.Data from forest resource study.
AfricaDjiboutiTier:12000Growing stockn/aNo data for dead wood. Data is from "expert estimates."Data from "expert estimates."
AmericaDominicaTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AmericaDominican RepublicTier:12000Biomass stockn/an/aData from ITTO report.
AmericaEcuadorTier:32014Biomass stock5, 10, 20n/aData from forest inventory.
AmericaEl SalvadorTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AfricaEquatorial GuineaTier:11991Growing stock60No data for dead wood.Data from forest inventory.
AfricaEritreaTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AfricaEthiopiaTier:11986-1989 and 1995Woody biomass stockn/aAssumed report values refer to stem biomass and that plantations have the same value as forests.Data from strategic planning project and satellite imagery.
AmericaFrench GuianaTier:21970-2006Biomass stock10Estimates are given as a range. Imprecision of up to 350 t/ha for above ground biomass.Data from greenhouse gas report and other inventories, imprecision of up to 350 t/ha for above ground biomass.
AfricaGabonTier:11999Growing stock10No data for dead wood.Data from forest inventory.
AfricaGhanaTier:22010Growing stock10n/aGrowing stock from Forest Preservation Program forest and carbon stock mapping report.
AmericaGrenadaTier:12010Growing stock15Data is from "expert estimates."Data from "expert estimates."
AmericaGuadeloupeTier:22008Biomass stock10n/aData from greenhouse gas report.
AmericaGuatemalaTier:22002, 2003Biomass stock10No data for dead wood.Data from forest inventory.
AfricaGuineaTier:11989, 2005Growing stock20n/aData from forest inventory.
AfricaGuinea-BissauTier:11978, 1982Growing stockn/aNo data for dead wood.Data from forest inventories.
AmericaGuyanaTier:22012Biomass stock2n/aData from Carbon Stock Assessment from the National Measuring, Reporting and Verification System in Guyana. Conservative estimates representing a minimum biomass content.
AmericaHaitiTier:11988Growing stockn/aNo data on dead wood.Data from deforestation study.
AmericaHondurasTier:12005Biomass stock10No data on dead wood.Data from forest inventory.
AsiaIndiaTier:32010Growing stock10n/aGrowing stock determined from NSI data. Default IPCC values were used in below ground biomass calculations.
AsiaIndonesiaTier:1UnknownUnknownn/aNo information is provided regarding how biomass is calculated. Likely using growing stock. Source report on forest cover is updated "every year." Source date is likely 2014.
AmericaJamaicaTier:22000-2005Biomass stock10n/aData from greenhouse gas emission inventory.
AfricaKenyaTier:12013Growing stock10n/aData from national forest resource mapping report.
AsiaLaosTier:11992-1997Growing stockn/an/aData from NFI database from Department of Forestry.
AfricaLiberiaTier:11989Growing stock20n/aData from forest inventory.
AfricaMadagascarTier:11996, 2000Growing stock16No data for dead wood. Data primarily from 1996 forest inventory. Additional inventories for 2 ecozones completed in 2000. Report notes that estimates are high but still used due to absence of other sources. Commercial biomass is based on "expert estimates."
AfricaMalawiTier:12012Growing stock5No data for dead wood. Data refers to natural forests and this number is applied to planted forest as well.Data from forest resource mapping project from Department of Forestry.
AsiaMalaysiaTier:12013Growing stock10Data primarily for Peninsular Malaysia. Sarawak uses growing stock from a 1974 report. Sabah information is limited to commercial Class II forests.Data from forest inventory.
AfricaMaliTier:11988, 2006Growing stock10No data for dead wood. Data from forest inventories and remote sensing.Inventories missing parts of two regions.
AmericaMartiniqueTier:22004-2008Growing stock10Data is approximated. Surface area is within 10% and volume/ha is within 15-20%.Data from greenhouse gas report.
AfricaMauritaniaTier:11999, 2002Growing stock10Limited data from partial inventories, estimates used.Data from forest resource reports.
AmericaMexicoTier:31993, 2002, 2007, 2011Biomass stock7.5n/aData from field work and satellite imagery.
AmericaMontserratTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AfricaMozambiqueTier:12005Growing stock10Data from forest inventory. Default IPCC values were used in calculations.
AsiaMyanmarTier:21980sGrowing stock20Data from forest inventory. Growing stock does not include branches or stumps (only marketable timber).
AfricaNamibiaTier:12000Growing stock5n/aData from forest inventories.
AsiaNepalTier:21994Biomass stock10n/aData from national forest inventory.
AmericaNetherlands AntillesTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AmericaNicaraguaTier:22008Growing stock10n/aData from forest inventory. Little information is provided about methods - growing stock is likely biomass source.
AfricaNigerTier:11986, 1993, 2000, 2003Growing stock10No data on dead wood.Data from forest inventories.
AfricaNigeriaTier:11977, 1994Growing stock20n/aData from national forest resource assessment.
AsiaPalauTier:32003Stem biomass stock12.5Data from Resource Bulletin paper on forest resources of Palau. Biomass stock per hectare is assumed to be constant.
AmericaPanamaTier:11972, 1992, 2002Growing stock10No data on dead wood.Data from forest inventories.
AsiaPapua New GuineaTier:11975, 1996Growing stock10Plantation growing stock value based on "expert estimates."Default IPCC values were used in calculations.
AmericaParaguayTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AmericaPeruTier:1UnknownUnknown25No data on dead wood.No information on data sources or methods provided.
AsiaPhilippinesTier:12003Growing stock10n/aData from national forest resource assessment.
AmericaPuerto RicoTier:32008Biomass stock12.5n/aData from Resource Bulletin paper on Puerto Rico's forests.
AfricaRepublic of CongoTier:12004-2009Growing stock20 and or 40No data on dead wood.Data from forest inventories.
AfricaRwandaTier:11992Average biomass density of three common speciesn/aNo data on dead wood. Extrapolated data based on "expert estimates."Data from report on three common tree species.
AmericaSaint Kitts and NevisTier:n/an/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AmericaSaint LuciaTier:n/an/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AmericaSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesTier:n/an/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AfricaSenegalTier:12004, 2009Growing stock10n/aData from forest inventory.
AfricaSierra LeoneTier:1UnknownGrowing stock40Data from "expert estimates"No data source listed. 2010 FRA document links back to a 1986 forest resource report. Default IPCC values were used in calculations.
AsiaSingaporeTier:n/an/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AsiaSolomon IslandsTier:12003Growing stock20n/aData from national forest resource assessment.
AfricaSomaliaTier:11981Growing stockn/an/aData from FAO tropical forest resource assessment.
AsiaSri LankaTier:12010Growing stock10Assumed rubber plantations have the same growing stock as forest plantations.Data from forest cover mapping project from Forest Inventory Division. Default IPCC values were used in calculations.
AfricaSudanTier:11995Growing stockn/aNo data on dead wood.Data from forest inventory and woody biomass working paper.
AmericaSurinameTier:11974, 2011, 2012Biomass and growing stock5Only tree data is included in above ground biomass. Growing stocks used where biomass stock data was unavailable.Data from variety of reports, including carbon assessment, forest inventory, and yearly timber production stats.
AfricaSwazilandTier:11999Growing stockn/aNo data on dead wood.Data from forest policy report.
AfricaTanzaniaTier:11999, 2014Growing stock8.4n/aData from climate change mitigation and national forest assessment reports.
AsiaThailandTier:11992-1996, 2009Growing stock5No data on dead wood.Data from forest inventories.
AfricaThe GambiaTier:11993Growing stockn/an/aSustainable forest management report provided Vol/ha values for forests.
AsiaTimor LesteTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AfricaTogoTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AmericaTrinidad and TobagoTier:11980Growing stock20n/aData from forest inventory.
AmericaTurks and Caicos IslandsTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AfricaUgandaTier:11989-1992Biomass stock3No data on dead wood.Data from biomass technical report.
AmericaUS Virgin IslandsTier:32004, 2009Biomass stock12.5n/aData from forest inventory.
AmericaVenezuelaTier:1n/an/an/an/aNo data reported.
AsiaVietnamTier:11989, 1999, 2005, 2010Growing stock8No data on dead wood.Data from forest inventories.
AfricaZambiaTier:22006-2007Biomass stock5No data on dead wood.Data from land use assessment.
AfricaZimbabweTier:11989, 2012Biomass and growing stock5No data on dead wood. Data from biomass assessment. Growing stock used for plantation data.