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Country Data on Forest Area Change reported to FAO

Country Data TypeYearSource
AfricaAngolaTier: 1Primary:report2000FAO, 2001. Evaluation des resources forestieres mondiales 2000. Rapport Principal. Etude FAO Forets 140.
Secondary:report1975Horsten F. 1983. Madeira - Une analise de situacao actual.
AmericaAnguillaTier: 1Primary:report1982Caribbean Development Bank 1984. Regional Forestry Section Study: Final Report
AmericaAntigua and BarbudaTier: 1Primary:report1980Atkins Land and Water Management. 1983. Soil and water conservation, Windward and Leeward Islands, Phase 1: Reconnaissance Study.
Secondary:report1991Bacon, PR. 1991. The Status of Mangrove Conservation in the Caricom Islands of the Eastern Caribbean.
AmericaArubaTier: 1Primary:atlas1986Atlas published by Eastern Caribbean Natural Area Management Program
AmericaBahamasTier: 1Primary:report2000FAO 2001. Validation Sheet Bahamas. FAO Rome
Secondary:paper1991Bacon, PR. 1993. Mangroves in the Lesser Antilles, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. In: Lacerda L.D. 1993
AsiaBangladeshTier: 3Primary:report2005-2007National Forest and Tree Resources Assessment
Secondary:imagery2011-2012forest land cover map
AmericaBarbadosTier: 2Primary:imagery2001Helmer, E. et al. 2007: Distribution of land cover and forest formations for St. Kitts, Nevis, St Eustatius, Frenada, and Barbados for satellite imagery
AmericaBelizeTier: 1Primary:report2004Meerman, J. and W. Sabido 2001. Central American Ecosystems: Belize. Programme for Belize, Belize City (update in 2004, but without citation).
Secondary:imagery2012Cherrington et al. 2012. Forest Cover and Deforestation in Belize, 2010-2012
AfricaBeninTier: 1Primary:report2007PBR2-2007. Inventaire forestier national ProCGRN, 2008 (PGDRN)
Secondary:report1996Akpado, L. 2000. Etude sur les formation forestieres naturelles et sur les plantations forestieres au Benin CE-FAO-Programme Partenariat (1998-2000)
AsiaBhutanTier: 2Primary:report1995RGOB, 1995. Land Cover Figures of Bhutan, Ministry of Agriculture, Royal Government of Bhutan
Secondary:report2010MoAF. 2010. Technical report Bhutan Land Cover Assessment 2010 (LCMP 2010)
AmericaBoliviaTier: 1Primary:imagery2010Mapa de Cobertura y Uso Actual de la Tierra 2010-Viceministerio de Tierras-MDRyTMapa de Cobertura y Uso Actual de la Tierra, 2001-Superintendencia Agraria
Secondary:imagery2011Avance de la deforestacion en Bolivia Autoridad de Bosque y Tierra
AfricaBotswanaTier: 1Primary:report1990Land Utilization Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Botswana. 1990. Land Systems Map of the Republic of Botswana.
Secondary:report2005FRA 2000. Botswana country report.
AmericaBrazilTier: 1Primary:imagery2002Ministry of Environment (MMA)/Project for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Brazilian Biological Diversity (PROBIO), 2007. Laventamento e mapeamento dos remanescentes de cobertura vegetal dos biomas em 2002.
Secondary:report2002-2008Ministry of Environment (MMA)/ Brazilian Environmental and Renewable Natural Resources Institute (IBAMA) - Center of Remote Sensing, 2009.
AmericaBritish Virgin IslandsTier: 1Primary:report1980Caribbean Conservation Association 1980. Preliminary Data areas - British Virgin Islands: Toortula, Virgin Gorda & Anegada. Caribbean Conservation Association. University of Michigan, USA.
Secondary:report2001British Virgin Islands Government. 2001 Use of the coastal zones and seabeds (provided Mangrove forest numbers).
AsiaBruneiTier: 1Primary:report1996DOF, 1996. An Introduction to Forestry in Brunei Darussalam. Department of Forestry, Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, Brunei Darussalam.
Secondary:report1979Anderson & Marsden, 1984. Forest Resources & Strategic Planning Study
AfricaBurkina FasoTier: 2Primary:report2002MAHRH, 2006: Base de Donnees d'Occupation des Terres (BDOT) du Burkina Faso (1992 et 2002)/ Ministere de l'Agriculture, de l'Hydraulique et des Ressources Halieutiques
Secondary:report2012MEDD, 2013 a: Bilan annuel de la campagne nationale de reforestation 2012.
AfricaBurundiTier: 1Primary:report2005Min Env: Analyse d'attenuation des emissions de gaz a effet de serre.
Secondary:report2001MINATET. Prospective d secteur forestier en Afrique a l'horizon 2020 (FOSA)
AsiaCambodiaTier: 3Primary:imagery2005"original remote sensing data with adequate ground truthing"
Secondary:imagery2002"original remote sensing data with adequate ground truthing"
AfricaCameroonTier: 1Primary:report2004National Forest Assessment
Secondary:report2000Rapport principal. Evaluation des ressources forestieres mondailes 2000. Forestry Paper 140 FAO. 2001
AmericaCayman IslandsTier: 3Primary:report2009Cayman Islands National Biodiversity Action Plan 2009 (habitat mapping data source)
Secondary:book2008Burton, FJ (2008b). Vegetation Classification for the Cayman Islands. In: Threatened Plants of the Cayman Islands: The Red List. Pub. Royal Botanic Gardens Kew: Richmond Surrey UK.
AfricaCentral African RepublicTier: 1Primary:report1999Mangala P.M., Zanga A. 1999. Republique Centrafricaine. Evaluation des ressouces forestieres ligneuses. Etude realisee dans le cadre de FRA 2000. FAO
Secondary:report2010Les Forets du bassin du Congo: Etat des Forets 2010
AfricaChadTier: 1Primary:report2013Programme systeme d'Information pour le Developpement Rural et L'Amenagement du Terriotire
Secondary:report1999Rapport de consultation (FAO) sur les ressouces forestieres et les plantations: Bardoum Djekourbain, 1999.
AmericaColombiaTier: 2Primary:imagery2012IDEAM, 2013. Memoria Tecnica de la Cuantification de la deforestacion historica nacional escalas fina, (en proceso de publication). IDEAM, 2013. Concentracion de alertas tempranas de deforestacion para el primer semestre de 2013.
Secondary:report2010Cabrera, et. al, IDEAM, 2011. Memoria Tecnica de la Cuantificaion de la deforestacion historica nacional escalas gruesa y fina. Instituto de Hidrologia, Meteorologia y Estudios Ambientales - IDEAM - Bogota, D.C. Colombia 106p
AmericaCosta RicaTier: 3Primary:imagery2013Sistema Nacional de Areas de Conservacion (SINAC/MINAE). Unidad de Monitoreo Forestal. 2013.
Secondary:imagery2005Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento Forestal. 2007. Estudio de Monitoreo de Cobertura Forestal de Costa Rica 2005. San Jose, Costa Rica. 2007.
AfricaCote d'IvoireTier: 1Primary:imagery1993Ministere de l'Agriculture et des Ressources Animales. Developpement rural et preservation de l'environnement forestier. Ejeux et prespectives en zone de foret dense DCGTx, Dec. 1993.
Secondary:report2004Minist. D'Etat, Minist. De l'Agriculture (Dir des cultures. Perennes)
AmericaCubaTier: 1Primary:report2011Documento de la Dinamica Forestal, Direccion Forestal, Ministerio de la Agricultura. Emision anual
Secondary:report2011Servicio Estatal Forestal
AfricaDemocratic Republic of the CongoTier: 1Primary:report2005Rapport FRA 2005
AfricaDjiboutiTier: 1Primary:report1985Cirad - IEMVT. 1987. Carte de la vegetation et des ressources pastorales. 1/250 000. dans: Institute de la carte internationale de la vegetation (1991)
AmericaDominicaTier: 1Primary:imagery2000Wood, E. 2000. Land cover map for Dominica. Carbbean Vegetation and Landcover Mapping Initiative. The Nature Conservancy, International Institute of Tropical Forestry, US Forest Service, EROS Data Center, and US Geological Service.
Secondary:aerial photography1984Meteorolog�a y Estudios
AmericaDominican RepublicTier: 3Primary:imagery2012DR. Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales 2013. Mapa de uso de la tierra y cobertura forestal
AmericaEcuadorTier: 3Primary:imagery2008Ministerio del Ambiente del Ecuador, Proyecto Mapa Historico de Deforestacion del Ecuador Continental (MDH). Mapas de uso y coberrtura de la tierra de lo anos 1990, 2000, 2008.
Secondary:report2003Puyravaud, J. 2003. Standarizing the calculation of the annual rate of deforestation. Forest Ecology and Management.
AmericaEl SalvadorTier: 1Primary:imagery2002Instituto Geografico Nacional de El Salvador, 2003. Mapa de Ocupacion del Suelo.
AfricaEquatorial GuineaTier: 1Primary:report1990FAO. 1992. Guinea Ecuatorial. Inventario Forestal Explotario. Isla de Bioko
Secondary:report1991FAO. 1991. Guinea Ecuatorial. Informe sobre la consultoria en fotointerpretacion.
AfricaEritreaTier: 1Primary:report1997FAO. 1997. Support to Forestry and Wildlife subsector. Pre-investment study tcp/eri/6721
Secondary:report2000FRA 2000.
AfricaEthiopiaTier: 2Primary:report1995Woody Biomass Inventory and Strategic Planning Project, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, May 2004 (used imagery from 1995, and 1986-1989)
Secondary:report2000s"several local level scholarly studies, MSc and PhD studies based on satellite imageries and GIS analyses"
AmericaFrench GuianaTier: 2Primary:report2012PAG 2012 - Occupation du sol sur le territoire du Parc Amazonien de Guyane.
Secondary:report2006IFN 2008 - Suivi de l'occupation du sol et des changements d'occupation de sol en Guyane par teledetection satellitaire.
AfricaGabonTier: 2Primary:report2013PDSIRFN (project development of an inventory system)
Secondary:report2013Rapport de pre stratification forestiere, 2013, PDSIRFN; Plan national climat, 2013
AfricaGhanaTier: 2Primary:report1990-2010Report on mapping of forest cover and carbon stock in Ghana. Mapping Consultants Services, The Forest Preservation Program, Under a Japanese Grant Aid to the Republic of Ghana, 2013.
Secondary:report1996Kotey NA et al. (1998) Falling into Place, Ghana, Policy that Works for Forest and People. IIAD. United Kington. IIAD 1996.
AmericaGrenadaTier: 1Primary:imagery2000Helmer et al 2008. Land Cover and Forest Formation Distributions for St. Kitts, Nevis, St. Eustatius, Grenada and Barbados from Decision Tree Classification of Cloud Cleared Satellite Imagery
Secondary:report1991Paterson, G. 2000. Grenada Country Report: Forestry outlook study for the Caribbean. In: Proceedings of Sub-regional Workshop on Data Collection and Outlook Effort for Forestry in the Caribbean, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, 21-25 Feb 2000. FAO, Rome.
AmericaGuadeloupeTier: 2Primary:report2012Thomas Gilardoni, Utilisation des outils de teledetection pour cartographier les espaces bioses de la Guadeloupe et proposition de seuils des massifs pour les demandes de defrichement
Secondary:report2011DEAL Guadeloupe, Profil environnemental regional de la Guadeloupe 2011
AmericaGuatemalaTier: 2Primary:report2010Mapa de Cobertura Forestal de Guatemala 2010 y Dinamica de la Cobertura Forestal 2006-2010
Secondary:report2003Mapa de uso del suelo 2003
AfricaGuineaTier: 1Primary:report2005FRA 2005 rapport principal
Secondary:report1988Republique de Guinee, 1988. Politique et plan d'action. Annexe 1. Vegetation et forets. Plan d'action forestier tropical.
AfricaGuinea-BissauTier: 1Primary:imagery1990CIRAD foret. 1992. Evaluation des surfaces forestieres en Guinee-Bissau: Programme d'Action Forestier Tropical (PAFT)
Secondary:report1976SCET International. 1978 Potentialites agricoles, forestieres et pastorales - 3 volumes.
AmericaGuyanaTier: 2Primary:report2009Guyana REDD+ Monitoring Reporting and Verification System Interim Measures Report (1 Oct 2010-31 Dec 2011)
Secondary:report2013Guyana National Land Use Plan (used for land use classes)
AmericaHaitiTier: 1Primary:report1988Universite Catholique de Louvain, 1998. Etude de la deforestation et la degradation de l'environment a Haiti. In FAO, 1998. Forestry policies in the Caribbean.
Secondary:report1956FAO, 1978. Reboisement et lutte contre l'ecrosion Haiti. Etude qualitative et quantitative de l'evolution du couvert forestier entre 1956-1958.
AmericaHondurasTier: 1Primary:report2005Evaluacion Nacional Forestal. Resultados del inventario de bosques y arboles 2005-2006, FAO, AFE-COHDEFOR
Secondary:report2000AFE-COHDEFOR, Anuario Estadistico Forestal
AsiaIndiaTier: 3Primary:imagery2008India State of Forest Report, 2011. Forest Survey of India, MOEF, GOI, India.
Secondary:imagery2000State of Forest Report, 2001. Forest Survey of India, MOEF, GOI, India.
AsiaIndonesiaTier: 3Primary:imagery2006Indonesia Land Cover Recalculation 2008. (In Indonesia) Forestry Planning Agency, MoF Indonesia.
Secondary:imagery2003Indonesia Land Cover Recalculation 2003. (In Indonesia) Forestry Planning Agency, MoF
AmericaJamaicaTier: 2Primary:imagery1998Evelyn OB and Camirand R. 2003 Forestry cover and deforestation in Jamaica: an analysis of forest cover and estimates over time. Jamaica. International Forestry Review, 5(4) 2003, pp. 354-363 (table6)
AfricaKenyaTier: 2Primary:imagery2010Report on National Forest Resource Mapping and Capacity Development for the Republic of Kenya: Vol 2.
Secondary:report1994Kenya Forestry Master Plan 1994
AsiaLaosTier: 2Primary:imagery2010Remote Sensing, FIPD, FIM (JICA) Alos, Spot5, Rapideye
Secondary:imagery2002Remote Sensing, FIPD, SIDA (Sweden), SPOT 4 and 5 (visually)
AfricaLiberiaTier: 1Primary:imagery2006CI_SDSU Christie et al (2007) (data from 2000-2006)
Secondary:imagery2003Nocholas Bayol et Jean-Franquis Chevelier, 2004. Current State of the Forest Cover in Liberia; Forest information Critical to Decision Making Study Report. World Bank. Washington USA
AfricaMadagascarTier: 1Primary:imagery2010ONE, FTM, MNP
Secondary:report1996Direction Generale des Forests, Resultats de I'Inventoaire Ecologieque Forestier National (IEFN)
AfricaMalawiTier: 2Primary:report1990Department of Forest, Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources. 1993. Forest Resources Mapping and Biomass Assessment for Malawi. Implementing agency: Satellitbild
Secondary:report2012Department of Forestry, Ministry of Environment and climate Change Management 2012, Forest Resource Mapping Project under the Japanese Grant for Forest Preservation Programme.
AsiaMalaysiaTier: 3Primary:report2012Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia. Annual Report and Statistics Report
Secondary:report2012Sarawak and Sabah Forestry Department
AfricaMaliTier: 1Primary:imagery2013imagery interpretation using CollectEarth
Secondary:report2006PELACD. Etude d'inventaire forestier en 5eme 6eme et 7eme Regions du Mali. Tome 1 methodologie - aspects technique et organisationnels.
AmericaMartiniqueTier: 1Primary:report2008Durrieu de Madron, 2008, Expertise sur les references dendrometriques necessaries au renseignement de l'inventaire national de gaz a effet de serre pour les forets de la Gaudeloupe, Martinieuq et Reunion.
Secondary:report2004IFN, 2008, Cartographie des grands espaces forestiers et naturels de la Martinque
AfricaMauritaniaTier: 1Primary:report2010FRA 2010 Mauritanie
Secondary:report2004Inventaire de l'occurpation de sol de la rive droite de fleuve Senegal
AmericaMexicoTier: 2Primary:imagery2011Conjunto de datos Vectoriales de la Carta de Uso del Suelo y Vegetacion. Escala 1:250,000 Serie V Continuo Nacional. INEGI
Secondary:imagery2007Conjunto de datos Vectoriales de la Carta de Uso del Suelo y Vegetacion. Escala 1:250,000 Serie IV Continuo Nacional. INEGI
AmericaMontserratTier: 1Primary:report1982Caribbean Development Bank 1983. Regional Country Sector Study, Country Report, Monserrat
Secondary:report1985CARICOM Tropical Forestry Action Plan Montserrat 1991 (used for "other wooded land")
AfricaMozambiqueTier: 2Primary:imagery2005Jansen Jansen, L et al. 2006. Satellite image interpretation of landcover types in Manica and Maputo Provinces at nominal scale of 1:250 000 and at National level scale of 1: 1000000. DNTF_AIFM, Maputo
Secondary:report2012DNTF, 2010. Relatorio Annual 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Mapto (used for Afforestation Areas)
AsiaMyanmarTier: 2Primary:imagery2010remote sensing interpretation
Secondary:imagery2006remote sensing interpretation
AfricaNamibiaTier: 1Primary:report2000Forest Policy in Namibia
Secondary:report1992Holm, D. and Graz, P. 1992. Forest Cover Mapping Northern Namibia Phase I II, Vol I II
AsiaNepalTier: 1Primary:report1998DFRS, 1999. Forest Resources of Nepal (1987-1998). Department of Forest Research and Survey, Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation, Kathmandu, Nepal
Secondary:1979HMGN/ADB/FINNIDA, 1998. Master Plan for the Forestry Sector in Nepal. (Based on Land Resources Mapping Data from 1978/79
AmericaNetherlands AntillesTier: 2Primary:report1991International Institute of Tropical Forestry, USDA Forest Service. 2000. The 2000 FAO Forest Resource Assessment for the Caribbean
AmericaNicaraguaTier: 3Primary:report2008Inventorio Nacional Forestal
Secondary:report2000Instituto Nacional Forestal, Ministerio Agropecuario y Forestal (INAFORMAGFOR)
AfricaNigerTier: 2Primary:report2005FRA 2005 report
Secondary:report1977Fontes J. 1985. Evaluation des ressources forestieres au Niger. Situation 1980-1985.
AfricaNigeriaTier: 1Primary:report1994Olufemi A. Olaleye and Ameh, CE 1999. Forest Resource Situation Assessment of Nigeria EC-FAO Partnership program.
AsiaPalauTier: 3Primary:imagery2002Preliminary land cover assessment for the Republic of Palau, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Forest Inventory and Analysis
Secondary:aerial photography1979Cole et al. 1987. Vegetation Survey of the Republic of Palau Resource Bulletin PSW-RB-22, Pacific Southwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service
AmericaPanamaTier: 3Primary:report2012ANAM/ONU-REDD, 2014. Mapa de cobertura boscosa y uso de la tierra 2012. Resultados preliminares
Secondary:imagery2012Hansen et al. 2013. "High-Resolution Global Maps of 21st Century Forest Cover Change. Science 342 (15 November): 850:53.
AsiaPapua New GuineaTier: 2Primary:report1996McAlpine, J & Quigley J. (Coffey MPW Pty. Ltd for AudAid: Canberra & Papua New Guinea National Forest Service. 1998. Forest Resources of Papua New Guinea. Summary Statistics from the Forest Inventory Mapping System
Secondary:report1975McAlpine, J & Quigley J. (Coffey MPW Pty. Ltd for AudAid: Canberra & Papua New Guinea National Forest Service. 1998. Forest Resources of Papua New Guinea. Summary Statistics from the Forest Inventory Mapping System
AmericaParaguayTier: 2Primary:imagery2011Proyecto Apoyo al Deserrollo Forestal Sostenible del Paraguay TCP/PAR/3304. Atlas para la Implementacion del Ordenamiento Territorial Forestal. 2013
Secondary:imagery2002MESA FORESTAL NACIONAL. 2002. Estudio para la identificacion de areas prioritarias para el Mangejo de Bosques Nativos y la Reforestacion. MFN/FAO/GTZ. Paraguay.
AmericaPeruTier: 2Primary:imagery2011Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego, Ministerio del Ambiente. Mapa de Bosque no Bosque del ano 2000 y Mapa de perdida
Secondary:report2009Ministerio del Ambiente. Memoria Descriptiva. Mapa de Cobertura Vegetal del Peru. Lima, Peru 2012.
AsiaPhilippinesTier: 2Primary:imagery20102010 Land Cover Mapping. National Mapping and Resource Information Authority and FMB, Department of Environment and National Resources.
Secondary:imagery2003FMB. 2003. Philippine Forestry Statistics. Forest Management Bureau, Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Philippines.
AmericaPuerto RicoTier: 3Primary:report2009Brandeis, T.J., and J.A. Turner. 2013. Puerto Rico's Forests, 2009. Resource Bulletin SRS-191, USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station, Asheville NC. Pg.85
Secondary:report2003Brandeis, T.J., and J.A. Turner. 2007. The Status of Puerto Rico's Forests, 2003. Resource Bulletin SRS-119, USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station, Asheville NC. Pg.75
AfricaRepublic of CongoTier: 1Primary:imagery2004CNIAF/MEFDD Imagerie satellitaire
Secondary:report1993CNIAF/MEFDD Carte IGN au 1/100.000
AfricaRwandaTier: 1Primary:aerial photography2012Rwanda Forest Cover Mapping using high resolution aerial photographs, Dec 2012, by the GIS & Remote Sensing Research and Training Center of the National University of Rwanda.
Secondary:report2007Rapport d'inventaire des ressources ligneuses
AmericaSaint Kitts and NevisTier: 2Primary:imagery2010Helmer et al. 2008. Land Cover and Forest Formation Distributions for St. Kitts, Nevis, St. Eustatius, Grenada and Barbados from Decision Tree Classification of Cloud-Cleared Satellite Imagery
Secondary:report1983Caribbean Development Bank. 1983. Regional Forestry Sector Study, Country Report St Christopher and Nevis, Caribbean Development Bank
AmericaSaint LuciaTier: 2Primary:aerial photography2009Graveson, et al. 2009. Vegetation Map of St. Lucia
Secondary:imagery2001Schill, et al. 2006. Forest Formation and Land Cover Map Series: St. Lucia
AmericaSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesTier: 1Primary:imagery2001Schill, et al. 2006. Forest Formation and Land Cover Map Series: St. Lucia
Secondary:report1993Forestry Division of the Ministry of Agriculture Industry and Labour. 1994. National Forest Inventory Report. Annex 1 of the National Resource Conservation Plan
AfricaSenegalTier: 2Primary:report2009Projet de gestion durable des forets et des energies traditionnelles de substitution (PROGEDE)
Secondary:report2004Projet de gestion durables des forets et des energies traditionnelles de substitution (PROGEDE)
AfricaSierra LeoneTier: 1Primary:report1976, 1986Laumans Paul A. 1996. Review of Existing Sources of information for Forest Resource Assessment in Sierra Leone. Working Document No X.
Secondary:report2013"Expert estimation" taking factors into account such as improvement in restoration after civil war and increased plantation expansion.
AsiaSingaporeTier: 1Primary:report2010Yee et al. 2011. The vegetation of Singapore - an updated map. The Gardens' Bulletin, Singapore 63 (1&2): 205-212. National Parks Board
Secondary:report1997Chan & Corlett 1997 Biodiversity in the Nature Reserves of Singapore. Proceedings of the Nature Reserve Survey Seminar. The Garden's Bulletin, Singapore Vol. 49, Part 2.
AsiaSolomon IslandsTier: 1Primary:report2006Solomon Islands Forestry Management Project (SIMP), 2006. National Forest Resources Assessment update 2006.
Secondary:report2003Solomon Islands Forestry Management Project (SIMP), 2003. National Forest Resources Assessment.
AfricaSomaliaTier: 1Primary:report1980FAO. 1988. Interim Report FAO.
AsiaSri LankaTier: 1Primary:imagery2010GOSL. 2010. Forest Cover Mapping 2010. Forest Inventory Division. Forest Department. Sri Lanka.
Secondary:imagery1996GOSL. 2000. Forest Cover Mapping 2000. Forest Inventory Division. Forest Department. Sri Lanka.
AfricaSudanTier: 1Primary:Atlas2012Sudan Land Cover Atlas. 2012. FAO/SIFSIA.
Secondary:report2000Dawelbait et al. 2006. Estimating forest cover and forest change in Sudan. Forest Resources Assessment Working Paper 109. FAO, Rome
AmericaSurinameTier: 2Primary:imagery2000, 2009Observation Room of Suriname. Remote sensing project to monitor forests.
AfricaSwazilandTier: 2Primary:report1999Central Statistics Office
Secondary:report1990Thurland, M. 1999. Forest Resource Assessment
AfricaTanzaniaTier: 2Primary:report2014Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism 2014 National Forest Resources Monitoring and Assessment (NAFORMA) Final Report.
Secondary:report2012Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. 2012. Participatory Forest Management in Tanzania, Facts and Figures.
AsiaThailandTier: 2Primary:report2008RFD, 2008. Statistical Data 2008. Office of Planning and Information, Royal Forest Department. Thailand.
Secondary:report2007RFD, 2007. Statistical Data 2007. Office of the Secretary. Royal Forest Department. Thailand.
AfricaThe GambiaTier: 1Primary:report2010National Forest Assessment (NFA 2009/2010)
Secondary:report1998National Forest Assessment 2008-2010. National Action Programme to Combat Desertification (NAP) 2000: The Gambia.
AsiaTimor LesteTier: 1Primary:report2008Ongoing National Forest Inventory
Secondary:report2007Forestry Annual Report
AfricaTogoTier: 1Primary:report1975partial national inventory
AmericaTrinidad and TobagoTier: 2Primary:aerial photography1994Internal Records Drawing Office Forestry Division
Secondary:aerial photography1970Forest Resource Inventory and Management Section Inventory of the Indigenous Forests of Trinidad and Tobago. 1980.
AmericaTurks and Caicos IslandsTier: 1Primary:report1983Caribbean Development Bank. 1983. Regional Forest Sector Study, Final Report, Caribbean Development Bank/DFS.
AfricaUgandaTier: 2Primary:imagery2005National Forest Authority GIS and Mapping
Secondary:report1992National Biomass Technical Report: 2003
AmericaUS Virgin IslandsTier: 3Primary:report2009US Forest Service, Forest Inventory and Analysis Database
Secondary:report2004US Forest Service, Forest Inventory and Analysis Database
AmericaVenezuelaTier: 2Primary:imagery2010Ministerio del Poder Popular para el Ambiente (MPPA). 2011. Mapa de Cobertura Vegetal de Venezuela. Inventario Nacional Forestal. Escala 1:250.000. Despacho del Viceministro de Conservacion Ambiental, Direccion General de Bosques. Caracas, Venezuela.
Secondary:report1995Ministerio del Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (MARN). 1999. Mapa de la Vegetacion de Venezuela. Escala 1:125.000. Direccion de Vegetacion. Caracas, Venezuela.
AsiaVietnamTier: 2Primary:report2007General statistics office of Vietnam
Secondary:report2005National program for surveying, evluating the changes of forest resources
AfricaZambiaTier: 2Primary:report2007Zambia Forestry Department 2009, Integrated Land Use Assessment (ILUA)
Secondary:report1974Chakanga M & de Backer M. 1986. The forest vegetation of Zambia. Wood Consumption and Resource Survey of Zambia.
AfricaZimbabweTier: 1Primary:report2008VeGRIS 2008
Secondary:report1992Kwesha, D. & Dreiser, D. 1997, Vegetation mapping in Zimbabwe - VEGRIS