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Meaningful information

GFW Climate catalyzes action on climate change by providing timely, credible answers to questions about carbon emissions from tropical deforestation.

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Forests in high definition

Explore the landscape and analyze carbon data on the interactive map.

Interactive dashboards

Customize reports to show the data you want to see, the way you want to see it. Combine your indicators then save,print or share your report with the world.

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Monitor progress

See how emissions from tropical deforestation have changed over the 21st century.

Compare countries, jurisdictions and areas of interest

Easy to access, easy to understand, everything in one place . Select multiple areas of interest and compare information side-by-side soyou can make the decisions that matter.

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  • Features for Journalists

    On a deadline?Find facts, maps and figures for your story about forests and climate change here, now.

  • Features for conservation organizations

    Share your work'scarbon successeswith donors and partners. Explore opportunities for new projects, and find the information you need to attract support.

  • Features for donors/government

    Informed decisions for maximum impact.Compare data, explore trends, and gain new insights about the regions you support.

  • Features for businesses

    Performon-the-flyanalysis to estimate emissions from deforestation in your sourcing regions.